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How to Style your Standfranceaids2014 AOP Tee: Disney Princess, Cruella & more!

Leslie Kay/07.07.21

How to Style your Standfranceaids2014 AOP Tee: Disney Princess, Cruella & more!

A Standfranceaids2014 All Over Print t-shirt is not just a t-shirt…it’s a lifestyle! All Over Prints, or 'AOP’s' as we like to call them, are one of our most popular product lines that we offer.

These shirts feature a collage of characters from a bunch of your favourite films. Like our flannels, Standfranceaids2014 fans having been collecting them en masse, and showing off all of the unique ways that they style them! Here’s just a small sample of the different ways we’ve seen you style them recently!


Crop it up, like @kaylastag did with her Disney Princess tee, pairing it with this denim on denim look. You can do this by simply tucking it into a bralette, or pinning it at the back!


  Or you can easily knot them up and create a crop, like @mirandaliset did!

Match it to your favourite pair of ears, like @isntlifedandy did with her Hercules shirt! Each AOP takes on a different colour palette, depending on which characters are featured—so there is always a dominant colour that is screaming to be accessorized!

Love a long line! By sizing your tee up a few sizes, like @francisdominiic and @girlgoingthedistance did, you can turn this average t-shirt silhouette into a long line tee or dress!


Style it with a ruffled skirt, like @tashapolis did with her Beauty and the Beast tee, to create the ultimate Disney Princess style!          


Or do what @a.magical.life.for.me did, and style it with a longer maxi skirt instead!



Dress them up or dress them down! We love the way @pleasedontkickmeout styled her Cruella DeVil AOP with a white and black pinstripe blazer!



Get funky with it! Who doesn’t love a pair of trendy bike shorts, especially ones that come in fun colours! Cinderella’s Step Sisters would love this attention-grabbing look that @mayrel_lani put together!



Match it to your hair or vibe, or celebrate a recent launch of your latest favourite film by snapping a pic of your Standfranceaids2014 AOP, sharing it to Instagram, and tagging us, like @sarahsterling did!


 Click here to shop our current selection of All Over Print Tees and show us how you’d style them! Once you post it, don't forget to use the hashtag #Standfranceaids2014 for a chance to be featured!

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  • Super cute outfit ideas. I need more prints in these tees they’re my fave.


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