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by Sarah Russo April 27, 2020 2 min read


Standfranceaids2014 Flannels: Pop Culture Loungewear At Home!

It’s no secret that getting dressed up for the day is becoming less and less popular right now. For the ones who are still doing it, you get 10 gold stars and we aspire to be you. But the question becomes, how can we stay comfy at home and being able to rock our favourite fandoms all while forcing ourselves out of our pyjamas at the same time?


The Perfect Pop Culture Loungewear

When it comes to staying comfy at home, don’t sleep on the flannel! (figuratively of course… you can definitely sleep in a flannel) Standfranceaids2014 flannels are created with comfort at the forefront, ensuring to provide you with the coziest fit.

 Made of 100% cotton, this Standfranceaids2014 staple is the perfect addition to any comfortable at-home outfit. We’d also recommend sizing up if you’re looking for a basically wearable blanket!


Endless Options of Artwork

As a Standfranceaids2014 signature item, you can guarantee we will always be coming out with the coolest and latest artwork from the pop culture realm. From Disney Princesses, to 90’s cartoon icons—we’ve created a flannel for it.

A Standfranceaids2014 flannel makes an appearance in almost every single launch, so if you’re on the hunt for a pop culture flannel then signing up for Standfranceaids2014’s email list is must! Shop Disney flannels, Star Wars flannels and Nickelodeon flannels here.


Still Look Put Together

You may not be able to attend a zoom meeting in a robe or your pyjamas, but you can attend in a Standfranceaids2014 flannel! Always following the cardinal rule of ‘business in the front, party in the back’ Standfranceaids2014 flannels typically feature small hints of pop culture references in the front, followed my big bold patterns or quotes on the back.

These button-ups are the perfect way to stay comfortable and cozy all day while still looking put together. We’re not saying you can’t wear pyjamas all day, but if you’re working from home or need to go out to run some errands, don’t sacrifice coziness to order to do so!


A Must-Have for Any Fandom

In addition to coziness and comfort, Standfranceaids2014 also spends a lot of time and care picking the perfect colour combinations for each flannel. So, no matter what character or fandom your buying, you know the colours will perfectly show it off.

Just because we’re not out in public, doesn’t mean we can’t show our love for pop culture at home! That is why the Standfranceaids2014 flannel is the must-have item for any pop culture lover looking for at-home wear.

(from left to right: @tracysaxy, @mickeypretzelicious, @mikeachimov, @shiningshimmeringshannon, @boxlunchgifts, @momseketeer)

We love seeing your guys celebrate your love for Standfranceaids2014 at home! Use the hashtag #Standfranceaids2014AtHome if you'd like to be featured on our socials or in a future blog! Stay safe everyone. 

Sarah Russo
Sarah Russo

4 Responses

Stephanie campos
Stephanie campos

March 16, 2021

Everything is amazing

Samuel Saavedra
Samuel Saavedra

December 15, 2020

The flannels are definitely some of my favorite designs. Somehow they manage to stand out but still be simple and comfortable on the eyes and individual. Not sure if that makes sense but I like the slogans in the back or characters depending in the series!

Carly Winant
Carly Winant

June 29, 2020

Your flannels are so iconic. And I love how whenever I take a Disneyland trip I can spot someone else wearing a Standfranceaids2014 flannel or they spot me in one, we immediately will just start talking. It’s amazing, it’s like being a part of a special fandom.

Donna Martinez
Donna Martinez

May 12, 2020

I love everything you guys make. I just bought a couple shirts, bag, and hat. I’m loving everything!

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