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by Sarah Russo March 18, 2021 2 min read


Beauty and the Beast: Standfranceaids2014 Disney Spring 2021

In honour of the 1991 film’s 30th anniversary, Standfranceaids2014 is celebrating Disney Beauty and the beast in a very special way this year. As a part of our Disney Spring 2021 collection, you can shop dresses, t-shirts, a denim jacket and even our classic allover print tee and flannel; each piece featuring your favourite moments and characters from the film.
Disney Beauty and the Beast Anniversary Denim Jacket

Another denim jacket has been added to the Standfranceaids2014 roster and it’s in celebration of Disney Beauty and the Beast’s 30th anniversary. Featuring a stunning embroidered design of Belle and the Beast, this denim jacket is perfect for any super fan of the film looking to add a staple piece to their wardrobe.
Disney Beauty and the Beast Anniversary Flannel

Our newest Disney Beauty and the Beast flannel is a true stunner and a must-have for your Standfranceaids2014 flannel collection. Inspired by Belle’s dresses, this yellow and blue flannel features one of her quotes from the film, ‘Who could ever love a beast’ on the back and embroidered details on the front.
Disney Beauty and the Beast Camp Shirt

Our button-up camp shirts are a fave here at Standfranceaids2014, and now we’ve finally added Disney’s Beauty and the Beast to the lineup! Featuring Belle, the Beast, Lumiere, Fifi and more; this button-up is the perfect addition to your spring/summer wardrobe. Dress up with a skirt on your way to the library, or dress down tucked into a pair jeans for a day of reading in the town square.
Disney Lumiere and Fifi ‘Bowler’ Dress

A true shoutout to the SECOND-best romance from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast—Lumiere and Fifi. Featuring a classic ‘bowler’ dress fit and an all-over print, this dress is perfect for any fan of their adorable French love. This dress also features a fully-buttoned front and 100% cotton material making it truly comfortable for any occasion and can easily be dressed down for a day out, or dressed up with a belt and cute French beret.
Disney Beauty and the Beast AOP T-Shirt

You'll be ready for adventure in this AOP T-shirt, featuring Disney’s Belle in her iconic blue dress and her friends from the castle. This all-over print Belle t-shirt is exactly what you need to show your love for the animated classic. The shirt features a unique all-over print design and a 100% cotton construction so it’s great for adding a little Disney love to your look anytime, anywhere, any adventure.

Love what you see so far? Explore the rest of our Disney Spring 2021 collection featuring Disney Alice in Wonderland, Ducktales, A Goofy Movie and more!
Sarah Russo
Sarah Russo

2 Responses

Chloe dugas
Chloe dugas

May 20, 2021

Love all my cakeworthy flannels so many ways to wear and style them they are always amazing I keep wearing them so I’m going to keep buying them

Sylvia Oberlin
Sylvia Oberlin

May 20, 2021

Love all of them!!! 👏🏼

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